A Few Interesting Facts About Stink Bugs

Believe it or not, their name alone doesn’t tell you everything there is to know about stink bugs. Here are some interesting facts about this common pest, as shared by our pest control Toms River NJ experts.

Fun Facts About Stink Bugs

  • Some types of stink bugs play a helpful part in the overall food chain. The spined soldier bug, noted for the points extending from its “shoulders,” feeds on leaf beetle larvae, caterpillars and other pests that pose a threat to plants.
  • The maternal instinct is strong in many stink bug species, which guard their eggs and nymphs against predators and parasites. Studies show that, in at least a couple of species, this behavior is displayed by fathers as well, which is rare in the insect world.
  • While the powerful smell of stink bugs effectively deters most of their enemies, it’s not much use against parasitic wasps. A single wasp can wipe out hundreds of stink bug eggs by laying their own eggs inside them, preventing them from hatching.
  • Most stink bugs feature green and brown coloring, but some are visually stunning. The appropriately-named harlequin bug sports orange, black and white coloring. More subtle, but still distinctive, is the red-shouldered stink bug. This species sports a rose-hued stripe along the top of its scutellum, which is the triangle-shaped shield on its back.

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