April’s Featured Pest – the Carpenter Bee

As springtime weather gets warmer, carpenter bees are out and about more to mate and build their nests. These bees tend to show up in April, so it’s important to learn more about them now in case they become a problem for you. Monmouth County pest control services can safely remove these bees from your property if needed.

Signs of Carpenter Bees

How can you tell if you have a carpenter bee infestation on your property? You might notice these bees, which are about as big as bumble bees, flying near the exterior of your home. These bees aren’t hairy like bumble bees. Instead, they have a smooth, hairless abdomen.

If they’ve established a nest in wood, you might see small holes in the surface. These bees drill into wood surfaces and tunnel through to build nests. These holes can get bigger if they’re used repeatedly.

Carpenter Bee Issues

While carpenter bees can be beneficial in terms of pollination, they can become an issue in some cases. These bees aren’t a big risk as far as stinging, since only females have stingers and they rarely use them. However, carpenter bees can leave unsightly holes in your home’s exterior. These holes can affect your home’s appearance, especially if carpenter bees leave stains around them.

Our Monmouth County pest control services can safely remove carpenter bees from your property. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information.

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