Discover a Bee Hive In Your Yard? Whatever You Do, Don’t Disturb the Nest!

When you find a bee hive in your yard, you might be eager to get rid of it, especially if anyone in your home is allergic. However, trying to remove a hive on your own can be a dangerous task. Find out why you should let a Point Pleasant NJ exterminator remove a bee hive in your yard instead.

Risks of Removing Bee Hives

Attempting to remove a bee hive without help can put you in a highly risky situation. Bees, as well as some wasps and other stinging insects, can become aggressive when their home is threatened. Removing one of these hives or nests on your own means you could be taking a risk of being stung multiple times. While honeybees can only sting you once, hives can have thousands of these bees. Keep in mind that wasps are able to sting you over and over without dying.

What to Do About Bee Hives

Rather than taking a risk of being attacked, you should let pest control experts handle bee hives. These professionals can come to your home and take down or remove hives or nests as safely as possible. This helps eliminate the threat of bee stings to you and your family, so you can enjoy your yard without worrying.

If you need help from a Point Pleasant NJ exterminator for a bee hive in your yard, call Allison Pest Control. Our experts can remove bee hives safely, so you don’t have to risk getting stung.

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