Mosquito Myths Such As Tastier Humans, Anti-Mosquito Diets, and Perfume Attractants Debunked

Did your parents tell you mosquitoes bit you because you’re so sweet? Do you stock up on citronella candles for your patio? Our Sea Girt NJ exterminator debunks these and other widely-held myths about this notorious summer pest.

Mosquitoes: Myth or Reality?

• Mosquitoes don’t feed to satisfy their taste buds. Heat and carbon dioxide, not “flavor,” are the primary factors that draw mosquitoes to potential targets. Larger people tend to give off greater amounts of heat, thereby attracting more attention than smaller people.

• Ever try pinching the skin on either side of a mosquito, essentially force-feeding it until it explodes? Experts say this actually allows more time for the mosquito’s saliva to penetrate your skin, resulting in a larger bite.

• Some people swear that a diet high in garlic, onions and bananas will ward off mosquitoes. Unfortunately, this story isn’t backed up by any clinical evidence. The truth is you’re more likely to repel friends and family by eating these foods.

• Citronella candles provide no greater protection from mosquitoes than generic candles, scented or unscented. Applying citronella oil or another repellent directly to your skin is a more effective method.

• Mosquitoes are often considered greater nighttime threats, but their activity is largely dependent on temperature. The sweet spot is 55°F to 75°F, so when summer evenings bring cooler temperatures, mosquitoes will be out hunting.

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