Why do Some Mosquito Bites Turn Into a Rash or Blister?

When you’re bitten by a mosquito, you might not even realize it happened until the telltale bump appears. Some mosquito bites become itchy, while others turn into blisters or rashes. Learn more about why this happens and why it’s important to get professional Spring Lake NJ pest control services to eliminate these bugs.

Mosquito Bite Reactions

Mosquito bite reactions can range from mild to severe. The way your body responds to these bites depends on different factors, such as how sensitive you are to mosquito saliva. Some people have bites that develop into a rash or blisters.

While most mosquito bite reactions are mild, keep in mind that children and those with a weakened immune system might have a stronger reaction. You should seek emergency care if mosquito bites cause hives, breathing difficulties or swelling in the lips or throat.

Mosquito Problems

Mosquito bites aren’t the only problem these bugs cause. Their bites can lead to infections if you scratch too much. Certain mosquitoes can also transmit diseases when they bite, including West Nile virus and Zika virus.

Getting rid of mosquito infestations is an important part of making sure you’re protected from the problems these bugs can cause. If you’re going to be outdoors, cover exposed skin and put on mosquito repellent to help keep these insects away from your body.

If mosquitoes are making your summer miserable, please contact Allison Pest Control. We offer Spring Lake NJ pest control services to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.

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