Carpenter Ants Can Cause Damage to Your Home, But What About Your Garden?

You probably already know that carpenter ants can damage the wood in your house, but are they a threat to your garden as well? If you’ve seen carpenter ants in or near your garden, it’s helpful to know about any potential problems they might cause. A Point Pleasant NJ exterminator can eliminate these pests if they’re a threat to your garden.

Carpenter Ants and Gardens

Carpenter ants are known for destroying wood as they dig through it to create tunnels and nests. Since your garden might not have any wood in it, do you still need to worry about these ants?

Carpenter ants might not cause widespread or severe damage to gardens. However, they might cause issues in other ways. These ants are attracted to sweet, sugary substances, which leads them to aphids and other insect pests that produce honeydew. In some cases, carpenter ants protect these insects, which allows them to damage your garden. Carpenter ants might also feed on ripened fruit in your garden.

Pest Control for Carpenter Ants

What should you do if you have a carpenter ant problem in your garden? You should have professional pest control come in to remove these pests. This can help prevent these pests from invading your home as well.

If you need a Point Pleasant NJ exterminator for carpenter ants, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our experienced exterminators can get rid of carpenter ants from your yard or home.

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