Memorial Day: The Start of Summer And Pest Season. Here’s What To Look Out For

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer, which usually means people are outdoors more often. Although you can enjoy warmer weather and sunshine more during this time of year, keep in mind that pests are also around. You might need an exterminator Ocean County NJ for these common summer pests.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps can sting if you get too close to them or their nest. This can be dangerous if you’re allergic to bee or wasp stings. You can prevent bee and wasp stings by wearing shoes, avoiding wearing perfume or cologne, avoiding swatting at them, and closing up gaps in your home to keep them out.


Mosquito bites can be annoying to deal with, but these insects can also spread disease, such as West Nile virus. You can keep mosquitoes at bay by covering exposed skin if you’re outdoors at dawn or dusk. You should also get rid of any standing water in your yard and make sure screens and doors don’t have gaps or holes.


Ticks can spread dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease, so it’s important to watch out for them. You can prevent tick bites by wearing long-sleeved tops and long pants when you’re outdoors in wooded or grassy areas. Keeping your yard mowed can also deter them.

If you need your home or yard treated for summer pests, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can have an experienced exterminator Ocean County NJ come to your home and eliminate these pests.

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