Do Termites Die in the Winter?

When winter arrives, termites continue to thrive by finding a warm place to live. Since this could mean your NJ home, it’s important to learn more about these pests. You might need a Wall exterminator to get termites out of your home this winter before they’re able to cause significant damage.

How Termites Get Inside

How do termites get inside homes in winter? These bugs build tunnels from their nest that lead to home interiors. They can easily get in through cracks or gaps in home exteriors, such as foundations and around windows or doors. When they get inside walls, they’re unlikely to leave on their own, since homes provide them with plenty of food.

What Termites Do

Termites have a diet that includes cellulose found in different sources of wood. When these pests are inside walls, they chew away at wood frames and structures on a regular basis. This weakens the wood over time and can lead to severe structural damage. Termites don’t stop eating in winter, so they’re likely to continue causing damage year-around unless they’re dealt with.

How to Handle Termites

You should have professional pest control handle termite problems in your home as soon as possible. It can take time to completely eliminate these pests, but doing so will protect your home from serious damage.

If you need a Wall exterminator for your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control. We have the expertise to eliminate termite infestations in your home.

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