The Top 5 Ticks Found in NJ?

Ticks are small yet dangerous pests that can make you and your pets ill. Moreover, it is important to learn how to identify NJ ticks and become familiar with the different kinds that are found in our area.  Above all, protect yourself and your loved ones with our tick identification tips.

The following ticks are the top 5 most commonly found ticks in NJ. As a result of their prevalence in our region, our New Jersey pest control experts are very knowledgeable in their extermination.

Brown Dog Tick

The first thing to remember is that brown dog ticks are found throughout NJ and are aptly named for their habit of feeding on dogs. The reddish-brown dog tick can spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other illnesses through their bites.

Eastern Blacklegged Tick

Eastern blacklegged ticks that feed on pets and people have dark brown or black colors. Sometimes, you will also hear these ticks called deer ticks but please know that they can infect you with Lyme disease in as little as 24 hours. Even seemingly harmless baby ticks can infect you with Lyme disease.

Lone Star Tick

Lone star ticks are a tan or reddish-brown color with white markings on their back or abdomen. As an important note, Lone Star ticks can spread several diseases as a result of feeding on white-tailed deer and also other mammals. This tick is relatively new in our area and one to watch out for.

Rabbit Tick

Rabbit ticks get their name from their preference for feeding on rabbits and rodents. These reddish-tan or tan ticks aren’t as much of a threat to humans.

Asian Longhorned Tick

Asian longhorned ticks are yellow and reddish-brown ticks that most often feed on livestock. These invasive ticks can spread different kinds of diseases to humans and pets as well.

Pest Control for Ticks In NJ

Because of the prevalence of ticks in our area, you need experienced NJ pest control services for tick extermination. Please contact Allison Pest Control. Our expert pest control technicians can treat your yard and home to help keep ticks from causing a health issue for your family.

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