Researchers Find Out What Makes Stink Bugs Stink

Stink bugs can make their presence known in your home, especially when it gets cooler out. These nuisance bugs can leave unpleasant odors in your home if you crush them in order to get rid of them. Scientists recently found out more about why stink bugs make their smell.

Why Stink Bugs Smell

Why do stink bugs give off a foul odor? They do this to stop predators from wanting to eat them. When they emit this smell, it helps keep predators away from them. Both adults and younger stink bugs are able to produce this odor. Stink bugs rely on this for protection, since they aren’t able to defend themselves through biting or stinging.

How Stink Bugs Emit Odors

Stink bugs have thorax glands that contain different chemicals, which combine to form the bug’s signature foul odor. Stink bugs release these chemicals onto their exoskeleton when there are predators around or when they sense a threat.

How to Handle Stink Bugs

It’s best to let a stink bug exterminator New Jersey do this for you instead of attempting to eliminate them on your own. This helps prevent these pests from filling your home with their unpleasant smell. Exterminators can also ensure that an entire infestation is dealt with, so you don’t continue having these pests in your NJ home.

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