Mice – Squeezing Into Your Home Through Impossibly Small Holes

Mice seem to have a knack for finding ways to get into homes, even when large cracks and gaps are sealed up. How do they manage to do this? Find out more about how mice get into homes, and remember to have Monmouth County pest control deal with any mouse problems you have.

Common Entry Points for Mice

Mice tend to get into homes through openings around doors and windows, although they can enter through almost any gap around your home. Keep in mind that these rodents are able to squeeze their bodies through even tiny cracks and gaps. They don’t have bones that are collapsible or flexible, but they do have a body shape that makes it easy for them to get through small openings.

Mice are burrowing rodents that are used to squeezing through tiny gaps and openings in the ground. Getting into homes isn’t much harder for them.

Preventing Mice

How can you keep mice from getting into your home and spreading germs or ruining food? Closing up even the smallest gaps helps. Removing food sources, such as crumbs, and keeping food in airtight containers can also discourage mice from hanging around your home.

If mice manage to get into your home this winter, please contact Allison Pest Control. With our reliable Monmouth County pest control technicians, you won’t have to deal with these pests for long.

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