Bumble Bees Versus Carpenter Bees

When it gets warm out, you might see large bees with a more bulky shape buzzing around your property. Are these bumble bees or carpenter bees? Knowing how to tell the difference between the two can help you decide if it’s time for NJ pest control services.

Differences in Appearance

Bumble bees and carpenter bees are both known for being larger than honeybees and other types of bees. However, there are some distinct differences between the two in terms of their appearance. You can tell bumble bees by their fuzzy abdomen and bright yellow coloring mixed with black. Carpenter bees have bare abdomens that are black, although they also have some yellow coloring on their bodies.

Differences in Behavior

Bumble bees and carpenter bees have very different kinds of behavior when it comes to nesting. Bumble bees build their nests in the ground and usually don’t cause problems for NJ homeowners. Carpenter bees tend to build nests inside unpainted wood, including houses, decks and even outdoor furniture. They dig holes in the wood, which can end up causing damage over time, especially if they keep using the same nesting site every year.

If you could use NJ pest control services for help with carpenter bees, contact Allison Pest Control. We can take safe steps to eliminate these bees from your property and help you deal with any other pest problems you have.

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