What to Know About Mosquito Habitats

It’s not unusual to encounter mosquitoes when you’re outside in late summer and early fall, but where exactly do they live? Knowing more about mosquito habitats can help you determine where you might have an infestation. Keep in mind that a Point Pleasant exterminator can effectively rid your property of these pests.

Permanent Water Sources

Mosquitoes are able to thrive and reproduce in many different environments, including grasses, wooded areas, marshes and damp ground. The only place they aren’t able to thrive is in bitterly cold environments. Some of those that live in permanent water habitats prefer stagnant water, while others choose cleaner water sources.

You can find these mosquitoes in different water sources, including lakes, swamps, ponds, marshes and water found inside yard items, such as birdbaths.

Floodwater Sources

Mosquitoes that lay eggs in floodwater sources need moist soil. Some of the areas you might find these mosquito populations include meadows, fields that have irrigation, and woodland pools formed from melted snow or rain. Other floodwater sources include drainage ditches and floodplains near rivers and streams.

These mosquitoes usually become a nuisance shortly after heavy rainstorms. However, their populations tend to decrease a couple of weeks afterwards. The next heavy rain could bring another wave of these mosquitoes to your property, though, so you should be on the alert for them.

If you need help for a mosquito problem at your NJ home, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our Point Pleasant exterminator can treat your yard in order to eliminate mosquito infestations.

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