With Nests, Stings Are Inevitable – How to Treat a Wasp Sting

The warm weather brings about lots of different bugs and pests. Your Colts Neck Exterminator knows that wasps are very common and can be a great annoyance on those warm relaxing evenings. They’re meant to be spent enjoying time with loved ones and not scratching or avoiding the outdoors.

If you see a wasp’s nest on your property or find new stings more frequently make sure to contact your Colts Neck Exterminator to get a consultation and removal right away to decrease the amount of wasps you’ll encounter during the warm weather seasons.

The stings caused by the wasp venom can range from a mild swelling around the area to full anaphylaxis and everyone reacts differently to each sting. It is important to know how to treat these mild stings once you locate them so the itching can subside and heal quickly. When treating mild stings you should:

* Wash the area with soap and water (removes the venom from the area)

* Apply an ice pack to the swollen area (reduces swelling and irritation)

* Cover with a band-aid (ensures it is clean and dry until fully healed)

* An alternative method could also be using vinegar on the affected area (also takes out the venom and reduces the itch.

* Call a Colts Neck Exterminator to examine your property and properly remove of the wasps

So, during those fun warm evenings by the fire you suddenly find yourself itching and scratching from newly acquired wasp stings outside your New Jersey home make sure you contact Colts Neck Exterminator to provide an inspection of your surrounding property and remove these pesky mosquitoes as quickly as they came!

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