What Are New Jersey Water Bugs?

You might have heard people use the term water bugs when talking about cockroaches. Are these pests the same thing? Find out if these are the same kind of bug and when to get pest control services for them.

Water Bugs vs. Cockroaches

The water bug is often confused with a type of cockroach called the Oriental cockroach. Both are big and look somewhat similar, but they have notable differences. In fact, they’re not the same bug at all. A water bug is a different kind of aquatic bug that likes places that are humid and wet. They’re part of the order Hemiptera, while cockroaches are part of the order Blattodea.

Physical Appearance

The water bug is bigger than a cockroach, even the large Oriental cockroach. They have a rounded, oval shape, while cockroaches have an oval, elongated shape. They are a grayish or brown color. Cockroaches range from black to reddish-brown or light brown, depending on species.


These bugs usually don’t invade homes, since they prefer ponds or other water sources. Cockroaches do get into homes. The water bug actively hunts prey, but cockroaches are prey insects. While cockroaches scatter when light is turned on, water bugs won’t flee. They are known to bite people, but cockroaches typically run away instead.

If you need pest control services for cockroaches or water bugs in or around your home, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. No matter what type of pest you have, we can get rid of them for you.

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