Do Any Ants Carry Disease?

Having ants in your home means you’ll have to worry about them getting into your food. Do you also have to worry about them spreading diseases to you and your family? Find out if this is a concern for homeowners and whether or not you should get professional pest control in Monmouth County for an ant infestation.

Ants and Germs

Although ants don’t transmit diseases through bites, they can spread germs in other ways. Many types of ants crawl through walls and along pipes while searching for food. As they do this, they can pick up all kinds of bacteria and other germs on their body. If they enter your home, they can leave these germs on your countertops, food containers and other surfaces. This could end up making you sick from illnesses such as E. coli or salmonella.

Ant Control

While the risk of getting sick from ants is fairly low overall, it’s still important to protect your home from these pests. You should have pest control experts eliminate ants that are inside your home. You can also discourage ants from coming into your home by sealing up gaps, keeping food stored in tightly sealed containers, and cleaning up crumbs and spills as soon as possible.

When you need pest control in Monmouth County for an ant problem, contact Allison Pest Control. We can get rid of these pests for you.

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