5 Tips to Prevent Wood Burrowing Insects like Carpenter Ants

Pests that burrow in wood, such as carpenter ants, can put your home in danger of serious damage. These pests can weaken wood while digging through it to build nests. Our NJ pest control experts offer the following tips on preventing wood burrowing insects.

Repair Leaks

Leaky pipes can cause moisture issues in your home. The presence of moisture attracts carpenter ants and similar pests, while also increasing the risk of wood rot. Fix leaks to help prevent moisture and water problems that can lead to pest problems.

Keep Vegetation Away From Home Exteriors

Shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation can create easy access points for wood burrowing insects to get into your home. Trim this vegetation to prevent any part of it from brushing up against your home exterior and help prevent wood burrowing insects from invading.

Store Firewood at a Distance

Keeping firewood stacked up close to your home might be convenient, but it can also attract carpenter ants and other wood burrowing insects. These bugs can then get into your home when you bring firewood inside. Store firewood piles away from the exterior of your home. You should also keep it stored off the ground to make it harder for pests to invade.

Seal Entry Points

Cracks and other small openings in your home’s foundation and walls can let carpenter ants and other pests inside. Look for these gaps, and seal them up to stop wood-burrowing insects from being able to get into your home.

Replace Damaged Wood

Damaged wood provides an easy spot for carpenter ants and other pests to build nests. Replace weak or damaged wood with brand new wood as soon as possible to reduce this risk.

Our professional NJ pest control services can eliminate wood-burrowing pests from your home. Contact your local exterminator Allison Pest Control today to schedule service.

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