Five Top New Jersey Pantry Pests – Part Two

Confused flour beetles, drugstore beetles and Indian meal moths are just a few of the top pantry pests in NJ. Our Monmouth County pest control services also handle infestations from the following pantry pests.

Rice Weevil

Rice weevils are thick, dark brown pests that have a long, thin snout. They use this snout to pierce rice, corn and other types of whole grain kernels. Once they’ve made a hole, they lay an egg in the grain. You might see these pests inside nuts, cereals, beans and other pantry items. They don’t cause any health issues, but they can contaminate your food.

Sawtooth Grain Beetle

These beetles are tiny, flat pests that can easily get into packages of food. They mainly feed on cereal grains, rice, oats and flours, although their diet also includes pet food, pasta, dried fruit and even chocolate. These pests also lay eggs inside these food items, which ruins them.

No matter what type of pantry pest you have in your NJ home, it’s important to have prompt pest control services handle infestations. This helps protect your food supplies and prevents infestations from getting even worse. Getting rid of these pests as early as possible helps keep your food supplies safe, so you won’t have to toss them out and replace them.

Don’t let pantry pests contaminate your food. Contact Allison Pest Control for Monmouth County pest control services.

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