Here Are the Pests to Watch For in January in New Jersey

As the new year begins, it’s important to watch out for certain kinds of pests that might be in your home. Winter weather drives some types of pests indoors, which can lead to a number of problems for homeowners. You could end up needing professional pest control in Ocean County NJ if you have any of the following infestations in your home this winter:


Mice need somewhere warm to go when it’s freezing outside. They also need to be able to find enough water and food to survive. You might get mice in your home if they find a way inside, such as through cracks in a wall.


Rats could be more of a problem this winter in NJ as the pandemic continues. These rodents are having a harder time finding food with more and more restaurants being closed. Rats might become a nuisance and health hazard in your home if they’re able to get in.


Cockroaches don’t take winters off no matter how cold it gets. These insects might be lurking around your home looking for scraps of food, especially during the night. Keep in mind that these bugs can spread germs just as mice and rats can, so it’s important to get rid of infestations as soon as you can.

If you need pest control in Ocean County NJ, please contact Allison Pest Control today to get more information on our services. Our experts can quickly remove rodents and insects from your home.

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