What to Know About Carpenter Ant Infestations

A lot of NJ pest control companies get calls about carpenter ants, and for good reason. These pests can become a real problem during warm weather in New Jersey. It’s important to learn as much as possible about these pests so you know how to identify infestations and have them handled appropriately.

What are Carpenter Ants? 

Carpenter ants earned their name because of the way they chew through wood to build their tunnels. They don’t eat wood, but they’re well adapted to building their nests in it. They are typically between 1/2″ and 5/8″ long, which is actually quite large for an ant. They can be black, black and red, or brown.

One of the biggest concerns with carpenter ants is how quickly they can multiply. When an infestation is mature, the colony will typically have 20,000 worker ants. But, it’s not uncommon for colonies to have as many 50,000 or more workers. Colonies will only have one queen.

When Should You Call NJ Pest Control For Help? 

It’s a good idea to contact your NJ pest control professionals as soon as possible once you start seeing carpenter ants around your property. You may only be seeing one or two, but the reality is that a much larger infestation could easily be hiding inside your home.

Your NJ pest control experts at Allison Pest Control are here to help if you have a carpenter ant problem in your home. If you have one, then please contact us right away.

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