Termites Are a Problem Year Round – Interesting Facts to Know

Termites don’t take a break from their wood-destroying activities during certain times of the year. These voracious bugs keep Brielle NJ pest control experts busy in all seasons, so as a homeowner it’s important to know more about them. Keep the following facts about termites in mind.

Sunlight Can Kill Termites

Exposure to sunlight can kill non-winged termites in a short amount of time. In fact, it only takes a minute or two for this to happen. Sunlight exposure removes the moisture their bodies need to survive. However, getting this to happen can be difficult, since termites tend to live in places that are far from sunlight, such as deep underground or inside your home’s structure.

Light Attracts Some Termites

Most termites don’t like light, but winged termites, like moths, and are drawn to it. These termites leave their nests and fly to other locations to build new colonies, so light doesn’t harm them at all.

Floods Can Make Termites Worse

Flooding can make it easier for termites to travel to other areas and expand their colonies. If water floods a colony, termites are able to survive up to 30 hours, even when they’re fully underwater. Since moisture can weaken wood, this also makes it easier for termites to get to other parts of a home and cause additional damage.

If you find signs that your home has termites, give our experts at Allison Pest Control a call. We provide Brielle NJ pest control services for termites and other pests.

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