Think They’re Dead? Think Again! How Many Insects Survive The Cold Weather Months?

Although you’re more likely to see bugs around in summer, some of these pests are able to survive the winter months. In fact, you might need insect control services in Monmouth County for a bug problem this winter.

Bees and Wasps

Most bees and wasps don’t survive winter’s cold temperatures, but fertilized queens are able to do so. These queens find a warm and sheltered spot to spend the winter months until spring arrives. When it warms up, they emerge from their shelter to build a new colony.

Termites and Ants

Ants and termites can remain active all winter long if they’re in a warm place, such as inside your home. These pests also build outdoor nests deep underground where there’s more heat. You could have a termite or ant problem in your NJ home anytime during winter if these pests are able to get inside.

Hibernating Bugs

Some bugs go into a state that’s similar to hibernation, which helps them save energy. Cluster flies, lady bugs, stink bugs and boxelder bugs are among the pests that could be spending winter inside your walls in this dormant state, which is known as diapause. When spring arrives, these dormant bugs come out of their hiding places and try to find a way to get back outside.

If you’re looking for insect control services in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control.

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