Got Clusterflies? How To Handle This Annoying Pest

Cluster flies might make an appearance in your home this winter or when spring arrives. These large flies closely resemble houseflies, although they usually have a golden shine to their coloring. Getting professional pest control in Monmouth County can help you eliminate these pests from your home.

Problems with Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are overwintering pests that can hide in walls until it gets warmer out. As the temperatures warm up, these flies come out of their hiding place and buzz over to windows or doors to find their way back outside. They don’t contaminate food like houseflies do, but they can be a problem due to their large numbers.

Dealing with Cluster Flies

What should you do if you have cluster flies in your home? Since they can cause large infestations, you should have pest control technicians handle them. Keep in mind that these flies can be a problem year after year if they choose your home for their overwintering site.

It’s important to have our technicians get rid of them and recommend steps to prevent them from being able to get into your home in fall. This usually includes closing up any points of entry they might use, such as gaps in your home’s exterior or cracks around windows or doors.

If you need pest control in Monmouth County for cluster flies in your home, contact Allison Pest Control.

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