What to Know About NJ Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are common in NJ, so you might see them buzzing around this season. What should you know about these bees as a homeowner? Learning more about these bees is important in case you end up needing Monmouth County NJ pest control services to deal with them.

Males Don’t Sting

Male carpenter bees are known for flying close to people in order to try to scare them off, but they can’t hurt you. Males don’t have a stinger, so they aren’t able to sting. Females do have stingers, although they usually only attack if you bother them. Males generally guard the outside area near nests, while females spend their time in the nest.

Carpenter Bees Tunnel Through Wood

Carpenter bees bore into wood in order to build a nest where they can lay their eggs each spring. These bees tunnel through wood, including wood in home exteriors, fences and other structures, which makes it hollow. Over time, this behavior could lead to structural damage, since these bees tend to use the same areas repeatedly.

Carpenter Bees Reproduce Once Per Year

Carpenter bees produce one generation each year. Females lay eggs in the spring, and adult bees hibernate during the winter months. When the following spring arrives, they emerge and reproduce.

Don’t let carpenter bees damage your home exterior. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our Monmouth County NJ pest control services.

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