Carpenter Bees, the Bee without the Sting

During spring and summer in NJ, you might dread going outdoors and having to deal with stinging insects. The good news is that not all bees that you see flying around are able to sting you. Carpenter bees, which tend to hover around homes, are among those that don’t have stingers. You still might need NJ pest control services to deal with an infestation, though.

Carpenter Bees and Stinging

Most of the carpenter bees that can be seen flying around home exteriors in NJ are the males who don’t have stingers. In fact, no male carpenter bees are capable of stinging. Female carpenter bees, however, do have stingers but they’re generally known for being more on the docile side. These bees usually won’t sting unless you handle them. Keep in mind that male carpenter bees have a habit of flying at people in order to try to appear threatening. They do this to protect their nests.

Carpenter Bee Damage

They’re not a stinging concern, but carpenter bees can cause trouble for your home and other outdoor structures. These bees bore holes into unpainted wood to make their nests. They can also leave stains on your home’s exterior.

If carpenter bees are making holes in your home, it’s not too late to prevent additional damage. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information on our NJ pest control services, including carpenter bee control.

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