Everything You Never Wanted To Know About The Dreaded Termite – 5 Fast Facts:

You most likely know that termites can cause serious damage to homes, but there are other facts about these pests you might not be aware of. Find out more about termites, including when to get professional termite control New Jersey services.

Millions of Members

Subterranean termite colonies, which are common in NJ, can have over a million members. This’s why it’s so important to have professional pest control done right away if you have termites.

Voracious Appetites

Termites hollow out wood structures as they go around feeding on cellulose. This is what results in severe damage to homes and other buildings. Since they’re mostly unseen, these bugs can cause extensive damage for months or even years.

Secretive Pests

Termites don’t like to be seen, which makes them harder to detect. They build mud tubes to protect them from predators and the elements, and they also use other ways to enter buildings, such as cracks in foundations.

Spring Swarmers

You might see winged termites, called swarmers, during spring in NJ. These pests are off to establish a satellite colony and mate when you see them flying around in the air.

Long Lifespans

Termite queens can live for over 25 years. During that time, they’re able to lay more than 2,000 eggs per day, leading to huge colonies.

If you need professional termite control New Jersey services, please contact Allison Pest Control today.

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