Rat Eradication Solved This Island’s Mosquito Problem

Mosquitoes, including the invasive Asian tiger mosquito, are notorious for attacking humans in order to feed. However, researchers on one island in the Pacific have been spared from mosquito bites thanks to the disappearance of rats. Learn more about this to see how rat and mosquito NJ pest control services could help prevent infestations of these pests.

Mysterious Extinction

Researchers who work on Palmyra Atoll were used to dealing with constant mosquito bites from Asian tiger mosquitoes as they spent time outside during the day. In recent years, though, these mosquitoes have disappeared from the island. The scientists who work there were able to determine that a program that eradicated rats on the island eventually led to a secondary extinction of Asian tiger mosquitoes in that location. The mosquitoes ended up depending solely on rats for blood meals and died out when the rodents were eliminated.

Mosquito Prevention

While mosquitoes in NJ don’t have the specialized diet that the Pacific island mosquitoes had, you can still keep them at bay. Get rid of standing water that’s in your yard, so these insects can’t lay their eggs. You should also ensure that they can’t get inside by keeping doors and windows closed and fixing screen tears.

Don’t let a mosquito problem ruin your outdoor fun. Contact Allison Pest Control to get more information on our NJ pest control services, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

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