Not Even the Chilliest Day in Winter Can Get Rid of Roaches – Here’s Why

Cockroaches that are commonly seen in NJ may seem to disappear from the outdoors in winter, but they can make an appearance indoors where it’s warm. However, there’s a different type of roach from Asia that is able to survive freezing outdoor temperatures. Will you need Monmouth County pest control services for these roaches?

Invasive Cockroaches

Periplaneta japonica is a species of cockroach that has invaded the U.S. from Asia. These roaches were first found in the NYC area back in 2013. Unlike common roaches found here, such as German cockroaches and American cockroaches, this Asian species has the ability to withstand freezing temperatures during winter. Common NJ cockroaches aren’t able to handle these cold temperatures, which is why they head indoors.

Winter Roach Problems

While you probably won’t see this invasive roach species in NJ this winter, that could change in the near future. For now, you should be on the lookout for the more common types of cockroaches found in NJ. They’re known for making their way into homes in winter through cracks and gaps in order to look for sources of water and food. Once they get inside, they’re unlikely to leave your NJ home.

If roaches are crawling around your home this winter, contact us for Monmouth County pest control. Allison Pest Control provides reliable services to eliminate roaches and other pests in NJ homes.

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