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Freehold Township, which encircles the borough of the same name that serves as the county seat of Monmouth County, is steeped in American history that stretches back to the Revolutionary War and extends to contemporary times. The Battle of Monmouth, a significant point in the Revolutionary War, was waged at what is now Monmouth Battlefield State Park.

A more recent event is commemorated with the 9/11 Memorial, located at the township’s Municipal Complex. Pieces of the World Trade Center are sealed within the base, and the monument includes the names of five township residents who perished there.

Freehold Township Pest Control and Pest Management

Walking through the downtown area, you will see a number of buildings that date back to the 1800s. Not quite as charming are the insect and animal pests that sometimes make their way into structures both old and new. Years of experience in Monmouth County give the owners and staff of Allison Pest Control a unique advantage in providing Freehold Township pest control.

Ants Create a Sticky Problem for Freehold Township Pest Control

Ants may be cute and funny as animated characters on a movie screen, but they’re no laughing matter when they turn up in your home or business. Contrary to their tiny size, ants are omnivores who will eat just about anything. That makes kitchens, with their plentiful food stores, a particularly attractive target for them.

If it seems as though ants are everywhere, it’s because they are. Their social organization, adaptability to different environments, and keen survival skills have developed over millions of years of evolution, making ants nature’s nearly perfect species. They also make ants nearly impossible to eliminate without the help of professional Freehold Township pest control.

While ants are not usually a health risk and generally harm nothing more than your food supply, there are some varieties that pose a threat calling for Freehold Township pest control. Carpenter ants are so named because of their burrowing behavior, tunneling deeply into wood to create secure galleries where they can nest. Considering the fact that large colonies can run into the tens of thousands, it’s clear that an infestation can cause serious structural damage.

Tiny pharaoh ants are only 1/16-inch in size, but they present a giant-sized challenge for Freehold Township pest control. They are also known as sugar ants due to their “sweet tooth” which sends them foraging for sugary foods and liquids. More troubling is the fact that pharaoh ants can carry more than a dozen pathogens, including staph, strep and salmonella.

Don’t Allow Termites to Eat You Out of House and Home

Just the mention of the word “termite” can send a shiver down a homeowner’s spine. No bigger than grains of rice, termites can eat through a linear foot of wood in 120 days. At that rate, it doesn’t take long for their activity to compromise the host structure.

The variety found in Freehold Township and Monmouth County is the Eastern subterranean termite. These pests live deep below the surface in colonies with clearly defined social levels. A termite’s role as worker, soldier, king or queen can be identified by its physical appearance.

Termites are resistant to Freehold Township pest control thanks to their high level of organization and powerful survival instincts. A DIY effort at extermination can simply cause the colony to split up and relocate, making the problem even worse.

Freehold Township Pest Control and Protection Plan

Whether you’re facing ants, termites or any of the other pests found in Freehold Township and Monmouth County, our friendly technicians have the training and expertise to eliminate the infestation safely and effectively. Continue to keep your home and business safe with one of our home protection plans or commercial Freehold Township pest control programs.

Call Allison Pest Control for the highest quality of Freehold Township pest control and extermination services! Complete our form to get scheduled for a free pest ID and inspection today.

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