Rodents Run This Town: What To Know About This New Jersey Town’s Big Rodent Problem

Union Township, NJ has had an ongoing problem with rats. In fact, rats have been taking over this town, and no one can agree on what started it. Learn more about this rat problem, which is a good reminder to get professional Monmouth County rodent control right away to prevent a large infestation in your own home or town.

Who’s to Blame?

Residents in Union Township have been dealing with rats more and more in recent years. One resident mentioned not being able to use the backyard due to the smell of poisoned rats on his property. The rats are digging underground and dying there after being exposed to poison to control their numbers.

Most of the town’s calls about rodents come from a part of town where gas line replacements are taking place. The township has had sewers and other areas inspected and treated for these rodents. However, another resident complained about a lack of maintenance on public land near her home for an ongoing rodent problem. Other residents blame overdevelopment and frequent construction for their rat problems.

Rat Prevention

Even if your town doesn’t have a rat problem, it’s important to take steps to prevent one from occurring. This means securing trash cans, closing up entry points into your home and eliminating food and water sources for rats.

If you need Monmouth County rodent control, please contact Allison Pest Control today.

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