Got Crickets? How To Get Rid Of These Not-So-Lucky Pests

Crickets can be pleasant to listen to when they’re outside singing at night. However, they can be a problem when they get inside your home. Find out more about common NJ crickets and how to prevent needing NJ camel cricket control or help for other types of cricket infestations.

Types of Crickets

NJ has several different types of crickets that can get inside your home. Field crickets are the ones you typically hear outside. These black crickets might come in at night when it gets cold.

House crickets are a yellowish-brown color with several darker bands on their head and antennae. They normally live outside, but they might enter homes to get away from the cold.

Camel crickets can be the most alarming crickets due to their large size and jumping behavior. These crickets have a humped back and are light or dark brown. They tend to jump toward potential threats rather than away, which could startle you.

Preventing Crickets

You can keep crickets out of your NJ home by sealing up their entry points. Eliminating clutter in and around your home can also discourage them, along with fixing leaks and using a dehumidifier to dry out damp or moist areas.

If you need NJ camel cricket control this winter, contact Allison Pest Control. We can get rid of crickets in your home safely.

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