Did You Know Ants Produce Their Own Antibiotics?

Getting professional pest control in Monmouth County helps protect you from the problems that ants can cause, including health issues. Ants are able to spread diseases, but did you know that they’re also able to make their own antibiotics? Scientists studying ancient ants in South America made this interesting discovery recently.

Ancient Antibiotics

Ants trapped in amber for millions of years led researchers to the discovery that they partnered with bacteria to fight off parasites that could destroy their food supplies. These parasites posed a significant threat to ant colonies, which caused them to use helpful bacteria as a means of survival. These ancient forms of antibiotics were stored in pouches on the heads of these ants. Thanks to the antibiotics, ants were able to thrive over the millennia.

Ants and Disease

While it’s fascinating that ants are able to create their own antibiotics, keep in mind that these pests can also make you sick. Ants can get into your food and distribute germs around your home, including salmonella. It’s important to keep your kitchen and pantry as clean as possible to discourage these insects from coming around. You should also eliminate water sources that they can use, such as leaky pipes.

If you have an ant problem in your NJ home, you’ll need pest control in Monmouth County to deal with them. Contact Allison Pest Control to get more details on our services.

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