Most Likely Winter Pests in New Jersey

The winter months don’t give homeowners a break from having to watch out for pests. Some pests wait until it’s cold out before becoming a nuisance to homeowners. In most cases, these pests are looking for shelter and food or a place to hide until it gets warmer out. Plan on hiring exterminator Ocean County NJ services for any of the following winter pests if you see them this season.


Spiders are active all year round instead of just being active when it’s warm out. You might find spiderwebs inside your home as they catch prey, including bugs. Other spiders can lurk in closets, boxes, and other dark places.

Mice and Rats

Rodents often search for someplace that provides warmth and food in winter, which can cause them to look for ways into homes. Mice and rats can easily find water, food, and shelter in houses and other residential buildings. These pests can ruin your food and spread bacteria and other germs around your home.


Wildlife, such as bats and squirrels, sometimes venture inside residential buildings in order to get away from the cold air, snow, and ice. When they get into attics or other interior places, they can cause property damage. They might also be hard to remove, especially once they build a nest and begin to reproduce.

If you’re looking for knowledgeable exterminator Ocean County NJ services, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team is fully equipped to handle winter pests in NJ, including spiders and rodents.

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