May is Termite Month – Be On the Lookout for Swarming Behavior

When the weather warms up in spring, you might have a chance to find out whether or not your home has a termite problem. Some termites engage in swarming behavior during this time of year, which can make it easier to look for signs of infestations. Keep the following termite information in mind, so you can get professional pest control services in Monmouth County if needed.

Winged Termite Behavior

Winged termites, known as alates, swarm in the spring near building entrances if there is an infestation. These termites form pairs and leave to expand their colony. After they mate, the males die off. The females lose their wings and dig their way into the ground to establish a colony. Since winged termites aren’t able to fly very far, this can lead to numerous colonies in the same area.

Signs of Termites in Spring

You might see termites swarming in or around your home in spring, especially between March and May. If you don’t see these bugs, you might find their discarded wings lying in piles just outside your door or inside near doors and window sills. If you see termites or their wings, you should plan on having your home inspected and treated for these pests.

If you see swarming termites this spring, contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our pest control services in Monmouth County can eliminate termites from your NJ home.

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