Cluster Flies: New Jersey’s November Featured Pest

When you see flies in your home during fall and winter, they might not be houseflies. Cluster flies in New Jersey tend to gather in large numbers and enter homes at this time of year. Find out more about these flies, including what to do about an infestation.

Identifying Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are typically bigger than houseflies. When they’re adults, they have a grayish color with black markings and gold hairs on their thorax. This can make them look slightly golden in appearance. Houseflies do not have these gold hairs.

Cluster Fly Behavior

Cluster flies usually won’t be lurking around your kitchen as houseflies would. Instead, cluster flies hang out on home exteriors in big groups before finding a way inside the walls. When the weather is cold, cluster flies stay warm inside homes and only come out if it gets warmer outside. If you have unseasonably warm days in winter, you might see these flies around your home as they look for a way to get back outdoors.

Dealing with Cluster Flies

Cluster flies don’t cause damage, spread disease or contaminate food. However, you should have pest control professionals handle cluster fly infestations in your home to ensure that these pests are fully eliminated.

If cluster flies are buzzing around your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control experts know how to eliminate cluster flies in New Jersey.

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