Invasive Asian Longhorn Tick Expected to Stay in the United States for Foreseeable Future

Ticks are a common outdoor concern for NJ homeowners, since some of these pests can carry Lyme disease or other diseases. Now, experts are warning about a new tick that is expected to stick around for years. Learn more about the invasive Asian longhorned tick in NJ and why you might need Monmouth County pest control services to deal with these pests.

Longhorned Tick Habitat

Longhorned ticks came over to the U.S. from East Asia. In fact, the first was found on a sheep in NJ. These ticks have also spread to other states, including Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. They do well in habitats that provide them with moderate temperatures and humidity levels. With evidence that these ticks survived a cold NJ winter, scientists have announced that these pests are likely to be around for a long time.

Dangers of Longhorned Ticks

What kinds of problems can Asian longhorned ticks cause? These ticks are known to carry diseases, which can spread to sheep, horses and other livestock, pets and people. Although there haven’t been any cases of these ticks spreading disease in the U.S., this could change over time as they show up in more and more areas of the country.

Don’t let ticks ruin your outdoor plans this spring and summer. Contact Allison Pest Control for Monmouth County pest control services that include treating your yard or property for ticks.

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