The Top Winter Pests in New Jersey: Spiders

Spiders can be beneficial to have around, since they feed on insect pests. However, some can become winter pests, especially if they’re known to bite or reproduce in larger numbers. Find out more about some of the common spider species that our NJ pest control services handle.

Common House Spiders

Common house spiders have a brownish color, which means they’re often confused with brown recluse spiders. House spiders don’t bite, though, so they’re not a threat to people or pets. You’ll usually see these spiders in different parts of your home or business.

Zebra Jumpers

Zebra jumpers are colorful black and white striped spiders that are known for hopping from surface to surface. Although they’re often seen outdoors, these small spiders can find their way into homes and businesses.

Garden Spiders

Garden spiders are sometimes feared due to their large size, but they’re harmless to humans. They typically live outdoors, where they weave huge spider webs for catching prey.

Long-bodied Cellar Spiders

Long-bodied cellar spiders have long, thin legs and usually stay in dark parts of homes. You’re likely to see them in your basement, but they sometimes show up in unexpected places, such as on ceilings.

If you end up with a spider problem in your home or business, it’s time for NJ pest control services. Contact Allison Pest Control to schedule an inspection for your NJ home or business.

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