It’s an Invasion! Top Invasive Pests to Look Out For

Having native pests, such as carpenter ants or subterranean termites, invade your home or yard is bad enough. The rise of certain invasive pest populations can make your chance of having pest infestations even higher. You might need professional pest control in New Jersey to help you deal with the following common invasive species.

Gypsy Moths

These invasive pests are moths that invaded NJ in the early 1900s, and they’ve been damaging trees ever since. Gypsy moths can harm several types of trees in NJ, including willow, oak, maple, birch, and hickory trees. They’re also a threat to other trees, including spruce and pine trees.

Longhorned Ticks

NJ already has its share of native ticks that can spread disease. The invasive longhorned tick was found in the state in 2017. These ticks, which come from Japan, China, and Korea, are mainly a threat to livestock, pets, and wildlife.

Emerald Ash Borers

These invasive beetles have had devastating effects on ash trees in NJ and other areas of the U.S. They most likely made their way over here from China on wooden packing materials.

Spotted Lanternflies

These colorful and invasive bugs invaded NJ in 2018, but they’ve been in Pennsylvania and other U.S. states since 2014. Spotted lanternflies are a threat to a number of plants and trees in NJ, since they feed on sap, leaves, and bark.

If you need invasive pest control in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact Allison Pest Control. Our experienced technicians can eliminate invasive pests from your home or yard. We offer pest control services for most any NJ pest.

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