Bed Bug Histamines Causing an Immune System Response Persist Long After Extermination

Bed bugs cause enough problems when they’re in your home, but they can also cause issues after they’ve been removed. New research shows that histamine levels from bed bug feces persist for months after these pests are gone. Learn more about these findings below, and don’t hesitate to look into NJ pest control services for your home if you have bed bugs.

Homes Filled with Histamines

Histamines are compounds that can trigger allergic reactions in people, such as rashes or nasal congestion. Your immune system releases histamines to help your immune system fight allergens, but these compounds are also found in bed bug feces. When you’re exposed to these histamines in your home, you can end up having allergic reactions. Researchers found that histamine levels in homes remained about 20 times higher than normal for months after bed bugs had been removed.

How to Handle Histamines

You can keep histamine levels lower in your home by ensuring that bed bug infestations are handled promptly. Doing thorough cleaning might also help reduce these compounds in your home. Keep in mind that the sooner you get help for bed bugs, the less you’ll be exposed to histamines after they’re gone.

If you need help for a bed bug problem, count on Allison Pest Control. With our NJ pest control services, your home can be rid of these pests, so you can sleep peacefully.

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