Plan Ahead to Termite-Proof Your Home

Can you really termite-proof your home? All it takes is a little foresight, but planning ahead to termite-proof your home may save you big! When termites get into your home, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage resulting in thousands upon thousands of dollars in repairs. In addition to having Allison Pest Control, a top NJ pest control service, help you prevent these pests from getting in, you should also make sure you’re not making it easier for termites to invade.

Clean Your Gutters

Having gutters that are clogged with leaves and other types of debris means that your home has poor drainage. As water builds up in your gutters instead of flowing out of them, termites can make their way into your home through your insulation.

Eliminate Rotting Wood

If you have tree stumps or other sources of dead or rotting wood on your property, it’s important to get rid of them. This type of wood attracts termites, which increases the risk of having them find their way into your home.

Keep Firewood Away from Your Home

If you have a fireplace, store wood for it away from your home’s exterior. Storing wood right next to your home provides termites with easy access to it.

Trim Your Trees and Keep Bushes Away from the Foundation

Termites gain access to your home through the soil, but having trees and vegetation touching the foundation allows for the buildup of moisture which termites love.

It is extremely important that homeowners not allow excess vegetation including shrubs and tree’s to overgrow and/or contact the home or building structure as this creates positive conditions for termites by causing dampness, mold, and mildew. Additionally vegetation touching the foundation interferes with with inspection and treatment procedures. It is always best to allow air, sunlight, and access around the entire perimeter of the foundation.

If you need New Jersey pest control services for termites, contact us for help. Call us at 800-564-4585. At Allison Pest Control, we offer effective termite control for NJ homeowners and property managers.

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