Our Cold Spring Means We Are Seeing Fewer Bugs this Summer

Although you might not have enjoyed all of the cold weather in the area this past spring, there’s some good news about it. Those cold temperatures for most of spring have meant a decrease in the number of bugs that are around this summer and a late start to the pest season. You might still end up needing Brick pest control this season, but there’s a slightly lower risk of pest infestations overall.

Cold Weather and Native Pests

Temperatures that were lower than normal make it difficult for some insect pests to survive. Native species of mosquitoes and other bugs have the ability to make it through this colder weather, since they’re used to it. These species have adapted to cooler temperatures over the years.

Cool Spring  Weather and Non-Native Species

The good news is that invasive species that aren’t native to the area haven’t developed the ability to survive climates that they’re not used to. These include the Lone Star tick and the Asian tiger mosquito. These species aren’t normally found in colder climates, although they’ve made their way to the NYC and NJ areas. Since they’re not used to the cold, they’re less likely to be able to survive cool spring weather.

If you have any problems with ticks, mosquitoes or other pests this summer, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable Brick pest control, so you can enjoy the outdoors safely without having to worry about being bitten.

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