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Common New Jersey Summer Pests in June

June marks the beginning of summer, with longer days and warmer weather. However, it’s also the time when certain summer pests become more active and problematic, particularly in Monmouth County, including the cities of Brielle, Tom’s River, and Spring Lake. Here we highlight some common summer nuisances – yellow jackets, ants, lantern flies, and mosquitoes – and why professional pest control might be your best option. 

Yellow Jackets: These social wasps become increasingly visible in June, nesting in voids or burrows in the ground, posing risks with their painful stings. Yellow jackets are especially attracted to proteins and sweets, making outdoor events their prime targets. 

Ants: Warm weather paves the way for ant colonies to expand. From carpenter ants that potentially damage wood structures to common pavement ants that invade homes searching for food, their presence can become a nuisance quickly. 

Lantern Flies: June sees the emergence of lantern flies in New Jersey. These invasive summer pests not only have a detrimental impact on over 70 different plant species but can also swarm homes and gardens, leaving a sticky mess and potentially killing plants. 

Mosquitoes: Mosquito activity ramps up significantly, making evenings outdoors less enjoyable. More than just a biting annoyance, they can carry and transmit diseases, making their control a matter of public health. 

Dealing with these pests can be challenging, but that’s where Allison Pest Control comes in. We understand the behavior, lifecycle, and best eradication methods for each of these summer pests. Our local exterminators are highly skilled in identifying and treating the specific pest issues unique to Monmouth County. 

Our commitment to the community involves offering a free pest inspection without any obligation to purchase our services. Recognizing the importance of timely intervention, our team is prepared to provide immediate, effective solutions to keep your summer pest-free. 

Choosing professional exterminators means opting for a solution that is not only effective immediately but also sustainable. By focusing on the root cause of the infestation, Allison Pest Control ensures that your summer months are enjoyed the way they were meant to be – pest-free. 

Remember, early detection and professional intervention are key to preventing these common June pests from becoming a summer-long problem. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and take the first step towards a pest-free home. 

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