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Tips for Ridding Your Backyard of Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted lanternflies are colorful invaders that damage trees and other plants. These non-native bugs can reproduce quickly. They can also attract other pests in addition to hurting native vegetation. You might need to rely on pest control services to eliminate spotted lanternflies. But you can also take some steps on your own to get rid of them.

Eliminate Egg Masses

Spotted lanternfly bugs lay egg masses on outdoor surfaces. If they hatch, this can quickly lead to a bigger pest problem in your yard. Scrape off these masses with a knife or a thin plastic item, such as a credit card.

Place egg masses in a container with some hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to kill them, then dispose of them. Or you can crush them in order to destroy them. This helps keep lanternfly numbers down.

Kill Adult Spotted Lanternflies

If you’re able to catch them, you can crush them. This can be tough to do, since they move around fast. Eliminating adults helps keep populations down, but focusing on egg masses helps even more.

What to Avoid

Don’t try to use any kind of homemade spray to deal with a spotted lanternfly problem. Solutions with vinegar and other household items aren’t effective against these pests. Other DIY solutions can be hazardous to use or harmful to native plants.

When to Hire a Professional Local Exterminator

If you have trouble getting rid of egg masses or adults, what should you do? Professional pest control technicians can help locate and destroy these pests. Without help, your yard can become overrun with spotted lanternflies, putting your trees and plants at risk.

Looking for quality pest control services in NJ for a spotted lanternfly problem? Contact Allison Pest Control your local exterminator to set up service for your yard.

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