Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer But Monitor Your Family for Tick Bites

When you and your family are outside this summer, be on the lookout for ticks and tick bites. These pests have increased in population in many parts of the northeast in recent years. Since they can cause diseases, such as Lyme disease, it’s important to check for ticks anytime you’re outdoors this season. You’ll also need professional pest control in Monmouth County if you have a tick problem on your property.

Dangers of Ticks

Ticks are small pests that can transmit Lyme disease, babesiosis and other diseases through their bites. Since these insects are small, it can be difficult to spot them on you when you’re outside. Some of the diseases that these pests spread can have serious complications, and they can also be hard to detect.

Checking for Ticks

One of the best ways to lower you and your family’s risk of getting a tick-borne disease is by checking for these pests when you’re outdoors and after you come inside. Make sure that you check areas that ticks could be hiding in, such as your armpits and scalp. If you find any of these pests on you or your family, remove them carefully and without crushing them.

If you have ticks in your yard, contact Allison Pest Control right away. Our company provides pest control in Monmouth County, so you can rid your yard of these dangerous pests.

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