Trending in November – The New Jersey Bed Bug Problem

Bed bug infestations are on the rise this year as more people get back to traveling. These pests can be found in hotels, public transportation, and other public places and businesses. Having a bed bug problem in your commercial property can have a negative impact on your business. Find out more about these pests and how commercial pest control services can help.

Signs of Bed Bugs

How do you know if bed bugs are present on your property? You might see these tiny pests, but they can be tough to notice. Bed bugs are roughly the size of apple seeds. They also typically hide in places that are hard to check, like small crevices and cracks.

Some signs to watch for include tiny, black specks on mattresses, bed linens, and headboards. Keep in mind that bed bugs can hide anywhere, though, so also check curtains, furniture, and other surfaces. You might also notice exoskeletons of bed bugs or white, oval-shaped eggs.

Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs feed on blood. Customers, employees, or other individuals in your commercial property can end up with bites from these pests. They can also inadvertently carry these pests’ home, leading to additional infestations.

What to Do About Bed Bugs

Don’t try to get rid of bed bugs yourself, especially using questionable methods that can be hazardous or ineffective. Don’t toss or move contaminated items, since this can allow bed bugs to spread to other areas.

It’s always best to have pest control technicians deal with bed bug infestations. These technicians have the right equipment and methods of eliminating bed bugs completely to stop them from spreading.

Don’t let a bed bug infestation hurt your business. Contact Allison Pest Control for reliable commercial pest control services.

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