It Itches So Bad! How To Stop The Mosquito Bite Itches

Having one or more mosquito bites on you after being outdoors this summer can cause quite a bit of misery. A mosquito bite can trigger an immune reaction that makes them itchy and red. Our New Jersey pest control experts offer the following tips of dealing with itchy mosquito bites.

Clean the Bites First

Before doing anything else, wash the bite areas with water and soap. This helps lower the risk of infection.

Apply Ice or Ointment

When mosquito bites are swollen and itchy, putting ice on them or applying over-the-counter anti-itch ointment or cream can help ease these symptoms.

Use Hydrocortisone Cream

If your mosquito bites are severely itchy, applying over-the-counter 1 percent hydrocortisone cream might help.

Try Over-the-Counter Oral Medicine

Anti-inflammatory or antihistamine medications that you can get without a prescription can help ease mosquito bite symptoms. Examples of these include NSAIDs and Benadryl.

Avoid Scratching

No matter how much your mosquito bites itchy, don’t scratch them. Doing this can break the skin and lead to a secondary bacterial infection, which can be serious. When you scratch mosquito bites, you’re also triggering an increased immune response, which can make symptoms worse.

Stop Mosquito Bites

Before heading outdoors, put on mosquito repellent that has a minimum of 20 percent DEET. Wear light-colored clothes, and don’t put on any colognes or perfumes that have a sweet scent.

If mosquitoes are bugging you this summer, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable and effective New Jersey pest control for mosquitoes and other pests.

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