Termites Are Just Emerging – What To Know About These Pests

Termites are busy this time of year establishing colonies and expanding them. You might see some of these destructive bugs swarming before setting off to build satellite colonies. Learning more about them, including when to look for NJ termite control service, can help you understand these pests better.

Always Busy

Although termites seem more active this time of year, keep in mind that they don’t actually take any breaks. Termites don’t hibernate all winter long. Instead, they keep consuming wood throughout the year, which can result in extensive damage to your home. They can also reproduce in large numbers, leading to large termite infestations.

Tubes and Mounds

Subterranean termites in NJ build underground nests and construct tubes made of mud that connect to your home. Other termite species construct mounds instead of underground nests and mud tubes. Termite mounds can be over 30 feet high, making them easy to spot.

Termites and Ants

You might not like having either one around, but keep in mind that ants prey on termites. While you shouldn’t rely on ants to control a termite problem, they do help keep termite populations down.

No Disease Risk

Termites can do serious damage to your home due to their appetite for cellulose in wood. However, you don’t have to worry about having them spread diseases. Termites have strict grooming methods that help prevent diseases that could destroy their colonies.

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