Cold Weather May Have Made These Pests Scarce this Season

NJ residents might not have been fans of this past winter’s frigid temperatures. However, these cold spells mean homeowners are less likely to need pest control services in Monmouth County for certain types of pests. Some pests didn’t survive the cold, including ones that can be a big problem for people.

Cold Weather and NJ Pests

You might have noticed that certain kinds of pests don’t seem to be around as much this year. Winter temperatures that were colder than normal helped reduce populations of these pests. The ones that didn’t make it were pests that weren’t able to find any type of shelter from the cold. These include stink bugs, yellow jackets, hornets and some spiders.

Other NJ Pests

Some pests do have the ability to survive very cold temperatures in NJ. This means you’re still likely to see them around. In some cases, you could see more if there aren’t as many spiders around to keep their populations down.

Ants are among the pests that are able to get through frigid winter weather. Watch for these pests inside your home and in your yard, and get pest control experts to deal with them if you have any infestations.

If you need help for an ant problem or any other pest problem, contact Allison Pest Control. We provide pest control services in Monmouth County for a wide range of NJ pests.

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