Argentine Ants the Year Round Ant Pest in New Jersey

While some types of ants disappear when cold weather arrives, others stay active no matter what it’s like outside. Invasive Argentine ants are among the ant species that stay busy all year long. Learn more about them and why New Jersey ant control is the most effective way to get rid of them.

Identifying Argentine Ants

Argentine ants can be easier to spot than other ant species thanks to their size. These ants are large compared to many other ant species. They’re usually a brownish color that can range from light brown to dark brown. You might see these ants inside your home searching for sweets or other foods to eat. When they’re outdoors, you can find them near moist areas or near wood piles and other sheltered areas.

Problems with Argentine Ants

Argentine ants can be one of the more challenging ant species to deal with. These ants form colonies that number in the thousands, which makes them difficult to fully eliminate. Professional pest control experts can find their nest and take steps to thoroughly get rid of an Argentine ant colony. You can prevent problems with these pests by sweeping up crumbs, sealing up cracks and trimming trees away from your home.

If you’re having problems with Argentine ants, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team offers New Jersey ant control to get these pests out of your home or off of your property.

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