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5 Reasons You May Have Bugs in Your House This Winter

The winter months aren’t a guarantee that your home will remain pest-free. You might not see many pests around in winter, but some insects could be hiding in your home or business. Learn more about the reasons why you might need residential or commercial pest control this time of year.

Clutter and Trash

Having a lot of clutter around makes it easy for bugs to hide or even build nests. Having trash in your home could draw bugs to food sources. Remove piles of clutter to give these pests fewer places to lurk. Empty trash cans regularly to discourage bugs.

Moisture and Leaks

Bugs are drawn to sources of water, including pipe leaks. Having a leaky pipe might provide a place for winter bugs to shelter with access to water. Excess moisture in any part of your home can also attract bugs during winter. Have leaks fixed as soon as possible and use a dehumidifier for excess moisture.

Crumbs and Spills on Surfaces

Floors, counters, and other surfaces can become a hot spot for winter bugs if they’re able to find food and water or other liquids. Sweep floors and wipe counters to get rid of crumbs. Clean up any spills as soon as you can.

Poorly Stored Food

Keeping bags and similar kinds of packaging in your pantry gives winter bugs an easy way to invade. Bugs can get into these types of food packages, which encourages them to stick around. Store food in airtight containers instead.

House Plants

If you have plants in your home, check them regularly for pests. Some bugs, such as gnats, are drawn to house plants due to the soil.

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